Community based on ideas, not identities.

Built with UniRep Protocol. UniRep Social is zero-knowledge reputation system lets communities build trust anonymously so everyone has the same opportunity to contribute, to explore, to learn and to grow.

How does UniRep social work?

With most social sites, you have to choose between the freedom and privacy of posting anonymously and the trust that comes with a history of community participation and feedback. UniRep Social combines elements of both, allowing you to build a reputation over time while giving you total control over how much you reveal about yourself in a given interaction.


A random key assigned to each persona allows you to prove that you are a registered user with sufficient reputation to post, comment, boost and squash – without revealing any information that would link the persona back to your user account.


Rep (a reputation point) gives you the ability to interact with the UniRep community. Save it up to build credibility, and invest it in your community by posting, participating in conversations and giving feedback.


Like many other online communities, you can post, comment or react to content posted by others. But on UniRep Social everything you do uses Rep, so every interaction is an investment in the community culture.


At the start of each new cycle, you generate 3 new personas and receive 30 Rep-Handout.

Use your Rep-Handout to post, comment and react to others’ contributions. Decide which persona to use in each interaction, and choose whether to display your Rep total publicly. Your identity is defined only by what you choose to disclose from each persona.

Your current Rep balance will carry over into a new cycle, along with 30 fresh Rep-Handout and three new personas! Track all your previous posts from your profile, which is visible only to you.

Why anonymous reputation?

Open space for dialogue

Fear of professional, political or social repercussions (or just fear of looking silly) causes many of us to self-censor online – and public discourse suffers as a result. Speak freely knowing that your content isn’t subject to perceptions of your identity, and know that others can do the same.

Anonymity with accountability

On UniRep Social, reputation isn’t about individual status – it’s about building trust as a community. Even without persistent identities, you know you’re interacting with real people who are empowered (or disempowered) by the community based on what they contribute to the conversation.

Be your (whole) self online

Who you are isn’t fixed. You share different parts of yourself in different contexts. You learn, grow and change. Your online identity should adapt with you, not limit you.

Public Good & Open Source

We are the team behind the UniRep protocol, you can read the medium article here.

If you are interested to follow our development update and progress, we have github project board that is open for everyone. Feel free to chat with us if you want to contribute or build your own apps.


In each cycle, you will get 3 different personas. You will never get the same persona twice.

When you post or react, your persona is displayed as a random string of letters and numbers. Personas are designed to camouflage your identity so no one knows it’s you.

All the Rep you have earned during previous cycles carries over into each new cycle. Your Rep will stay with you as long as you have your private key.

Each interaction requires Reps and some interactions have limits.

  • Create a new post: 5 Rep.
  • Post a comment: 3 Rep.
  • Boost: at least 1, Max. 10 Rep.
  • Squash: at least 1, Max. 10 Rep.

We designed the protocol this way to encourage thoughtful interactions and empower users to cultivate values within their community.

Currently, you can use it to interact with your community. In the future, you might be able to use it in other ways. We will leave that door open.

Cycle timing is key here: if the post or comment was made in a previous cycle, you missed your chance to boost or squash! We want to encourage everyone to participate in the conversation as it happens.

Tips: Keep your eyez on the community, act like an angel to cultivate them.


Since UniRep social is decentralized app, there is no way to recover your private key. We did warn you! Yes, we understand your pain if you have earned lots of Rep, but hey, life is still good, right? Request a new invite and make a fresh start!

Kudos to you!

That probably means you are highly active in the community, and we adore you! Just wait for the next cycle when 30 new Rep drop to your account and you can start posting again. In the meantime, sit back and listen!